Save Energy

Eliminates energy waste by running HVAC and other systems only in scheduled rooms or zones.

Save Time

Automates HVAC scheduling so facility managers can work on more important projects.

Protect Environment

Reduces your facility's carbon footprint and helps you achieve environmental goals.

Reduce Stress

Reduces stress caused by hot/cold calls because rooms are comfortable when guests arrive.

Extend Equipment Life

Returns HVAC equipment to unoccupied settings between events, extending equipment life.

Increase Productivity

Makes employees more productive because they are comfortable and can focus on tasks.

No Vendor Lock

You are not locked in to a proprietary integration. Easily switch between different vendor systems if your needs change.


Flexible Automation

Automates commands for selected equipment, but always preserves control in building automation system.

Wide Compatibility

Provides interfaces compatible with many types of HVAC systems, and can control lighting and security too.

Multiple Actions

Commands multiple actions per equipment and room - can trigger on event start/stop, setup/teardown, or pre-start/post-stop.

Schedule View

Provides facility department with calendar view of event schedules they may not have access to otherwise.

Daily Reports

Sends daily reports of automated events to users who signup to receive them.

Email Alerts

Sends email alerts to selected users when a command fails for any reason - network issue, power outage, etc.

Pre-Start & Post-Stop

Adds optional pre-start and post-stop time so equipment can warm up or cool down before and after events.

Zone Scheduling

Combines rooms into zones for systems serving multiple rooms or whole buildings so you can start/stop systems on first/last event of the day.

Add Rooms/Interfaces

Permits adding rooms or interfaces to existing implementation by uploading a new license to extend use of software.

Multiple Calendars

With Professional edition, query multiple types of system calendars for a single scheduling source.


On command failures, automatically re-sync zone state when failure clears.

Expected Occupancy

Take action based on expected % occupancy of room. Adjust HVAC load and/or OA intake.

Push Schedules

Send daily exception schedules directly to BACnet schedule objects in controllers.

Security Integration

Lock and unlock doors based on your room/bldg reservation schedules.

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