Event Providers

Within Events2HVAC, the event provider is the component that interfaces to a particular room-scheduling software. Events2HVAC users purchase only the event provider(s) they need for the room-scheduling system(s) used in their buildings. Users can switch to a different event provider at no additional charge if they decide to change their room-scheduling system at a later date. 

We currently have event providers for the following room-scheduling systems:


EMS Software

25Live/R25 CollegeNet, Inc.

Ad Astra

Asure Software, Inc.

Microsoft, Inc.

Microsoft, Inc.

Google, Inc.

Google, Inc.

Shelby System, Inc.

SimpleChurch CRM

FellowshipOne Go


e360 ChMS

EasyTithe Plus

Bridge Element ChMS

Twenty28 ChMS

E-zekiel ChMS

RealTime by SiteOrganic

Church Office ChMS

Rock RMS

Manual Importer

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