Custom Event Provider Requirements

If your room reservation system is not currently compatible with Events2HVAC, we may be able to develop a custom event provider for your system. Please review the basic requirements below, and then contact us to discuss.

Email: support@events2hvac.com

Phone: (888) 320-4277 ext. 2

  1. Events2HVAC will need to access your room reservation system's data using standard or open methods of access. Some examples:
    • SOAP/XML
    • XML/RPC
    • SQL Database
    • REST
    • Access Database
    • MySQL Database
    • Web Services
    • iCal data
  2. Events2HVAC will need to access basic room schedule information, including:
    • Room Name, ID
    • Building Name, ID
    • Event name, description, status, associated rooms
    • Event setup time, main event time, teardown time
  3. We need a list or access to data for available statuses of events. (Confirmed, Tentative, Cancelled, etc.)
  4. We need a list or access to data for all rooms available for scheduling along with their associated building.

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