How Events2HVAC Works

Events2HVAC consists of a core program and many different interfaces that interact with specific room-reservation systems and building automation systems. Users can connect one or several systems on both sides of the integration.

In the network diagram below, the room-reservation system(s) and Events2HVAC are at the top. Events2HVAC is a Window-based application that is installed locally on a server or virtual machine. An optional Events2HVAC client can also be installed if desired. At the bottom of the diagram, you can see the various types of devices that can be connected to the system. Notice that one installation of Events2HVAC can work with several interfaces to different types of devices, so you are not tied to one vendor for new construction or systems you might add in the future.


After the software is installed on a server or virtual machine and communication is established with your room-reservation and controls system(s), we are ready configure your rooms and equipment for automatic control. This can be done manually by mapping each piece of equipment to a point on your controls system and selecting the appropriate rooms from the room list. Or you can gather the necessary information, format it in a spreadsheet, and import it into Events2HVAC.

Once all the mapping is done, you are ready to go live! The diagram below illustrates the three key steps of Events2HVAC automation: (1) mapping systems and rooms, (2) making reservations as usual, and (3) automatically sending commands.


Your event planners will simply schedule rooms and events as they always have, and Events2HVAC will compile the schedules and send commands to all equipment that has been setup in the system. Equipment and rooms that are not setup in Events2HVAC will not be affected.

Events2HVAC will send out daily reports and email alerts as appropriate to those users who have subscribed to receive them. The only thing left for you to do is figure out how to spend your extra time!

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