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New Event Provider: ScheduleFM

May 13

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We are thrilled to welcome ScheduleFM to the Events2HVAC family! 

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ScheduleFM is a cloud-hosted scheduling solution that helps facilities manage many types of assets, indoor or outdoor, stationary or mobile. Users can book rooms, people, equipment, vehicles, and many other types of resources. Extensions are available for sports management, ticket sales, and facility use graphics. ScheduleFM users include K-12 schools, churches, businesses, and parks and recreation centers.

Now these organizations can control heating and cooling (HVAC) automatically with ScheduleFM!

Our new event provider pulls room schedules from ScheduleFM into Events2HVAC. Events2HVAC uses the room schedules to create a schedule for each piece of HVAC equipment that serves each room or zone. It adds pre-start times to make sure rooms are comfortable when events begin. Then it sends commands to control HVAC equipment at the start and end of each event to eliminate heating and cooling empty rooms.

Using Events2HVAC with ScheduleFM is the easy way to save time, energy, and money!

  • ScheduleFM makes booking rooms easy, which saves time.
  • Events2HVAC eliminates the need to manually schedule HVAC in buildings, saving more time.
  • Events2HVAC cuts energy expenses 20-40% in most facilities when switching from daily building schedules.
  • Events2HVAC users report saving 0.50-0.75 cents per square foot annually in energy expenses.

Events2HVAC is compatible with most building automation systems because it sends commands via BACnet/IP, which is a standard communication protocol for the HVAC industry. It is also compatible with a host of wired and wireless thermostats used by smaller facilities that don’t need a full building automation system.

Contact sales@events2hvac.com for a free consultation or a quote for your facility.


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